Welcome to Sassafras Valley Ranch! We Specialize in South Poll Cattle!

We know and understand the cattle industry…and have the genetics to SIMPLIFY your operation.

We raise gentle, easy-fleshing, moderate-sized cattle that are selected on fescue for fertility, hardiness, and longevity. “Mother Nature” is our best genetic selection tool!

We are TRULY a low-input operation. We don’t supplement or develop bulls and heifers with cubes, tubs, soy pellets or the like; we don’t use upscale minerals; we don’t plant fancy forages; we don’t feed expensive silage or alfalfa hay; we manage without wormers and other chemical crutches; we avoid the increasing plethora of additives and gimmicks surrounding the forage-fed cattle industry that raid profit!

Heifers are managed like cows; No second chances for females!

We have thriving steer sales to grass-finishers. Only top bulls make the cut!